Sentimental Preservations

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Wedding Gown Preservation

framed and dried flower arrangementPreserve your wedding gown with a true preservation to turn the memory of your special day into an heirloom.

Your exquisite bridal gown is both the focus of your wedding day and the ultimate reflection of your heart, your dreams, your style, your hopes for the future. After the wedding, capture the spirit of this special time by preserving your gown according to archival standards. The Family Jewels Bridal Gown Preservation Box Kit is easy to use, affordable, and the only way to protect your investment.

Long after the ceremony is over and your new life has begun, your gown will be a living heirloom, something to be enjoyed time and again, passed on to another bride, or used as part of a christening dress or bassinette.

Lace silk, satin, and other delicate fabrics need proper cleaning and archival protection or they will yellow and deteriorate. If you cover your your gown in dry-cleaning plastic and hang it in a closet, over time your dress will yellow, stretch, and develop brown streaks. Environmental factors such as light, temperature, humidity, and dust as well as containers made from common plastics, cardboard boxes, and glues are harmful to special textiles. "Preserving" your gown in sealed bags or boxes also causes permanent damage to one of your most cherished possessions. Because textiles fabrics need to be in an environment where there is air movement, fabrics should not be sealed in airtight plastic bags to prevent damage from moisture condensation. Since some plastics give off fumes as they decompose, bridal gowns should not come in direct contact with them.

Many dry-cleaners and retailers offer ways to "preserve" bridal gowns and other precious textiles, but not all are archivally appropriate.

The museum-quality Bridal Gown Preservation Box provides the safest environment for your gown. Roomy enough to accommodate the proper interleaving and "rolding" necessary to prepare a gown for long-term storage, made from materials engineered to best deal with the special needs of textiles, and covered with a stylish monogrammed cotton cover whose elegance is matched only by its efficient reduction of light exposure, dust, and static electricity (all harmful for your gown). Our box does not seal your dress away in a cardboard box with a cake window like so many other "preservation" boxes. Antique textiles are not preserved like that in museums or archives; why should it be done to your gown?

Gown Preservation Kits include:

• archival textile preservation chamber
• triple-washed unbleached cotton muslin box liner
• acid-free tissue for wrapping your gown
• cotton gloves to wear while handling your gown
• cotton muslin box cover ready for custom monogramming
• complete illustrated instructions for heirlooming, packing, storing, and handling your gown

Available in three sizes:
- Small kit for slim or slinky dresses
- Medium kit for A-Lines and dresses with minimal tulle.
- Large kits for ball gowns and dresses with slips.

Please call or e-mail for pricing: (360) 866-7706 hm (360) 561-5328 cell

Our wedding gown preservation service:

Your dress is professionally and properly cleaned. Then sheets of acid-free tissue are placed between all the layers of your dress. The dress is wrapped in a triple-washed unbleached cotton muslin box liner and placed in a two piece archival texile preservation box. A cotton muslin cover fits over the box and can be custom monogrammed. Cotton gloves to wear while handling your gown are included along with instructions for storage and repacking your gown should you want to remove it from the box