Sentimental Preservations

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Our Tips for Foral Preservation Success

framed and dried flower arrangement

For the best results in flower preservation, it is highly recommended to arrange for a consultation after you have met with your florist. We will review your flower selections and determine the best care for your flowers. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing flowers for your bouquet:

~ All flowers will change color. Keep in mind that these are real dried flowers and nature plays a big part in this process. Over time, your flowers will take on a softer antique look.

~ While most flowers freeze dry pretty well, some flowers like chrysanthemums, spider dahlias and bouvardia may not freeze dry successfully. Check with your florist if you are unsure of your flowers or call us @ Sentimental Preservation for more information.


Care & Handling After the Wedding

Arrange in advance to have your flowers delivered to Sentimental Preservation as soon after the wedding as possible. The fresher the flowers, the more successful the results. Before the delivery, keep the flowers cool, but not frozen. An ice chest works well for transporting. Line the bottom of the chest with ice or ice packs and cover with a plastic bag and towel. Place the flowers upon the towel, yet do not allow them to become wet or float on the water.

If an ice chest is not possible, place the flowers loosely in a plastic bag and blow air into it. Close the bag tightly and place in a refrigerator. Because bruising causes the flowers to brown, delicate handling can help minimize the damage to the flowers.

A pick-up service is available with advance reservations for a nominal charge. Please feel welcome to call with any further questions you may have at: (360) 866-7706 hm (360) 561-5328 cell.

Many beautiful memories to you on your special day!