Event Already Happened

  • Ordering After the Event – It’s not too late to preserve your flowers, even after the event has already happened! Sentimental Preservation handles pre-planned, last minute and after-the-event orders!  Design decisions can be made after we’ve preserved your flowers.
  • Caring for your Flowers~ You’ll want to care for your flowers as sweetly as possible to ensure their beauty prior to Sentimental Preservation receiving them, here’s how:

Hydrate those flowers if possible.  If your bouquet is contained inside a bouquet holder made of plastic, fill the spongy green foam inside the plastic handle with water  -- simply hold the bouquet under a gently running faucet for a few seconds.  Shake off any excess water that may have dripped onto the bouquet holder or the flowers during this step.  If your bouquet is hand-tied, as most are these days, unwrap the ribbon from the bottom a bit and cut the bottom of the stems off by about ½ inch.  Place the bouquet in a tall drinking glass and add just about ½ inch or inch of warm water to the glass.

~Put your bouquet into a cool, dark place or cooler~

If you are transporting the flowers to me you’ll want to put them in an ice chest.  Cover the flowers loosely with a plastic bag, blow air into the bag and tie tightly around the stems.  Because bruising causes the flowers to brown, delicate handling can help minimize the damage to the flowers.

A pick-up service is available with advance reservations for a nominal charge.

Please feel welcome to call with any further questions you may have at: (360) 866-7706 hm (360) 561-5328 cell.

Many beautiful memories to you on your special day!

dewey rose